Resale Flat Kitchen Renovation

Resale Flat Kitchen Renovation

There are two basic requirements for a human being - food and shelter. While the rest of your flat shelters you, your kitchen fulfils both of this requirements. You will be able to whip up the most delicious cuisine, in the comfort of your home. This makes your kitchen to be one of the most important room in your home.

If your kitchen is not optimised well, it will not be able to provide you with adequate space, facilities, and appliances. It might be chaotic, and you will struggle to keep your kitchen functional. While you might not be one that does the cooking, it is still important that you have a functional kitchen as it is the place that you will use to store and serve your food.

Paying attention to your 4 room resale flat kitchen renovation can definitely also get you some brownie points if you intend to resell your flat in the future.

How Can We Help with 4 Room Resale Flat Kitchen Renovation?

Homies Design is a reliable interior design and renovation firm with years of experience in 4 room resale flat kitchen renovation and has helped a number of our clients to get them their dream kitchen layout and design.

How Do We Do It?

There are a number of things that we need to consider while renovating a resale flat kitchen because it is a space which would have usually gone through its fair share of utility. To ensure its comfort, quality, and overall appearance, we follow the following steps in our flat kitchen renovation service:

1. Woodwork:

The quality of woodwork is most important in the kitchen. The kitchen serves as a storage for a number of items be it utensils, cutlery, cooked or raw food, and food ingredients.

There has to be a lot of storage space for a kitchen to be functional and the storage space also has to be easy to maintain because nobody wants unhygienic food.

But the storage has to be handled in such a way that it does not come in your way while you cook in the kitchen. The kitchen needs to have enough space for you to move around and breathe freely.

To deal with this problem, we use expert carpentry skills in 4 room resale flat kitchen renovation. We build wooden storage cabins in the kitchen in such a way that they are spacious enough to store your standard kitchen stuff but do not crowd your kitchen in any way. Moreover, the design is such that it complements your setup and adds to the beauty of your kitchen rather than just serving as storage space.

Furthermore, the inside surface of our woodwork is polished and coated with special materials that make it super easy to clean while keeping the insects away. The wood does not allow most of the insects to carve a shelter in it so your kitchen will have the maximum chances of maintaining its hygiene.

2. 2 in 1 Design

For further storage and utility, we have prepared various furniture designs at Homies Design that can transform their shape as per its requirements. This furniture also serve more than one purposes. They can also be folded together if needed so that they do not occupy additional space unless they are opened to be used.

3. Paint:

Painting kitchen walls is a really tricky job. A kitchen has to be bright because you perform tasks that require precision inside it. Usually, light-colored walls work well for this purpose as they bounce light back and make the room well-lit. Moreover, light colors absorb less heat and help keep the kitchen cool. It goes without saying that the paint also has to match the color of the woodwork.

But since the kitchen uses a lot of pigmented substances, the walls are very likely to get stained and the stains will be more prominent on light-colored walls. The problem becomes a real challenge when it comes to maintaining a balance between comfort and ambience.

To deal with it, we use light-colored, but special types of resistant paints that are easy to clean. This type of paint has an extra protective layer to it that does not allow an external substance to get through it and make a bond with the wall to stick it.

In this way, walls can be easily cleaned if they get dirty and can also have light colors to counter heat and boost light.

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