Interior Design Firms Singapore

Interior Design Firms Singapore

Services at Homies design - Best Interior Design in Singapore:

While our expertise is in renovation and interior design services, if you see us on the filed, you will most probably be able to see our experience in the different areas on the field. From fixing the cracks in your walls to creating intricate art pieces on them, our services cover it all.

Some of the projects we can cover for your interior design needs are as follow:

Our Team:

To provide the best interior design in Singapore, we have an extensive team at Homies Design, each of our member is there to perform at their given tasks. Though all our team members have a diverse experience in renovation and interior designing, we believe in giving our best in all tasks that we do.

Unlike other interior design firms Singapore who hire merely on the basis of qualifications, anyone who has made it into our team has fulfilled the criteria of having:

  • Experience, exposure, seniority and number of products delivered
  • Creativity, innovation, problem solving skills

We have experts of each department that is involved in renovation and interior designing, including:

  • Creative Experts for Color Schemes
  • Creative Experts for Lighting
  • Creative Experts for Furniture
  • Creative Experts for Aesthetics
  • Creative Experts for Decoration
  • Experts for Space Management and Utilization
  • Experts for Optimum Utility

All of these experts collaborate hand-in-hand with our highly skilled workers, including:

  • Carpenters
  • Painters
  • Electricians
  • Movers
  • Plumbers

To deal with our clients and to ensure timely and quality delivery of our projects, we have:

  • Project Supervisors and Coordinators
  • Client Support Associates
  • Quality Assurance Department
  • Marketing and Budgeting Experts
  • Company to Client Coordinators

All of these team members work together in close coordination to ensure that the clients are always satisfied and happy with their renovation and interior design. These are the people that have made us the best interior design company and they are the ones helping us sustain it.

Interior Design Firms Singapore - Our Coverage:

Homies Design covers each and every aspect of renovation and interior design, including:

  • Fixing and Repairing
  • Cleaning and Demolishing
  • Designing and Redesigning
  • Rebuilding
  • Electronic Purchases and Installations
  • Furniture Design, Building and Placement
  • Painting
  • Lighting
  • Decoration Pieces and Artwork
  • Decorative Woodwork
  • Decoration Accessories
  • Space Management and Utilization

This is just a list of our basic coverage. We can help you with anything related to renovation and interior designing, on any kind of property, with any theme and for any purpose:

  • In Budget
  • On Time
  • With Quality

Frequently Asked Questions

An interior design firm takes the client's ideas and experience to create a homely atmosphere. An interior design firm uses colors, lighting, fabrics, and furniture to create a client's vision for a home or business. Generally, an interior design firm employs professional interior designers and decorators who will work closely with customers to meet their needs.

To achieve a vision, an interior designer must first assess the home or building's interior design demands. Everything from the walls, windows, flooring, lighting, and furniture must be practical and welcoming. Contractors typically hire an interior design firm to handle the aspects inside the walls of a structure while constructing or renovating it.

Interior designers balance a room's aesthetic and psychological aspects with the overall utility and safety. A qualified interior design business may use the existing structure to create a comfortable or pleasant atmosphere in any house or commercial property region.

Hiring the appropriate interior design firm from the start can potentially save you a lot of trouble. If you opt for an inexpensive makeover that involves becoming your very own interior designer or hiring a no-frills contractor, it is time intensive and may lead to unpleasant outcomes. It may also be frustrating and costly if the final output does not meet expectations.

Here are the top characteristics of an interior design firm in Singapore that delivers on time:

  • A competent company of interior designers should be able to assist customers in the design process. Also, they should be able to accept criticism and complete tasks on time.
  • Choose a company that adds value to your property or project, instead of devaluing it. Competency and expertise are required to address an issue and increase the interiors' quality.
  • The business or interior designer should propose a fair fee for their services. Their work ethic must be based on customers’ satisfaction.
  • A good interior designer will explain their job scope before a customer hires them. They will not mislead clients about their skills. They shouldn't conceal or falsify anything from the customer that might impact their choice.
  • All their goods and services should be tailored to your specific requirements. Their work should be adaptable to your suggestions and helpful input.

Furniture is vital in home design. Innovative home design needs chic furnishings. Furniture placement in a space may determine some of the most innovative but effective interior designs. Other things in the space are often arranged around the furniture to create a designer's unique style. In that way, furniture is an essential instrument for interior design in Singapore.

An interior design firm or interior designer in Singapore works on furniture because it:

  • Provides convenience, comfort, and personality
  • Creates a formalized structure
  • Creates a peaceful and homely ambiance
  • Beautifies any space
  • Works well with other design elements
  • Makes efficient use of space
  • Conveys a signature style


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