BTO Interior Design

BTO Interior Design

Being the most popular housing solution, BTOs tend to be built on the same scheme, giving an almost monotonous look to all of them. Buying your new BTO can be really exciting and it should be as it is a big achievement. But as you move in, you would want to make certain changes into account as the BTO would not be custom-built for you. Homies Design can sort this problem out for you with its BTO interior design, tailor-made for your specific needs.

Why Is It Important?

Your new BTO is your territory. It should look like it. BTO interior design is important so that you can customize your new place according to your needs and taste.

How Do We Help with BTO Interior Design?

Many BTO owners that avail of our services come to us saying that something is off with their BTO and they would want to change it but they don’t know what it is that they want to change and what would they want instead of it.

1. Consultation:

Our experts at Homies Design start by helping our clients to reach a concrete conclusion and make an informed decision regarding what they actually want. It happens with the continuous floating of creative ideas and pinpointing the areas that need changes.

2. Portfolio:

We ask our clients about their preferences and come up with ideas that they would be interested in. We show them our previous work examples so that they can visually image themselves in that environment. If you like one of those themes, we will be glad to use that as your BTO interior design.

3. Creativity:

We have a number of patterns that work for most of our clients but if you want something completely new, our team loves challenges and our creative experts are ever ready to explore new dimensions of creativity.

We can take your ideas and make them feasible to be implemented in your BTO and deliver you the end product that you envisioned.

4. Inspiration:

To help with custom themes further, we can show you close samples of our previous work so that you can have a better idea of what you are asking for. It also helps are experts to take measures to understand your ideas better and start preparing for their effective execution.

Moreover, if there is a BTO interior design that you saw somewhere else and would want to have a similar design in your BTO, we do not hesitate to take inspiration from existing art and reproduce it into a better-polished form. Client satisfaction is all we work for at Homies Design.

5. Arrangements:

Often times, new BTO owners cannot get what they want in interior designing because but they wish for is unavailable in the market, its production has been ceased or it is ridiculously expensive.

We have been in this business for a long time now and enjoy sound contacts in local as well as international markets. We believe that dreams know no limit and they should not. While working with Homies Design, all that you need to do is to point a finger at a product and we will pull as many strings as we have to make your desired product available, that too at a reasonable price and high quality.

If not possible, we have our people in production industries that can make you the product you want on our request.

6. Recreation:

Let’s say the product you want is not available anywhere. You do not need to change your mind when you have Homies Design for your BTO interior design. We have had faced this problem before and hated returning our client.

To avoid that guilt, we built our own extensive team of experts who can recreate your desired product in-house if you cannot find it anywhere. We can produce in bulk as well as a single piece so that you have to make no compromises while shifting to your new BTO.

7. Interior Designing:

Once you have made up your mind and have got everything you want, our team will present its final plan regarding your BTO interior design and once you approve it, it is time for you to sit back and relax.

Our experts will take over from there you will be delivered with exactly what you ordered for, always within the decided timeframe and budget.

As a welcome gift to you, we will clean your BTO after all the work and leave it all neat and clean, ready to move in for you.




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