Condo Interior Design in Singapore

Condo Interior Design in Singapore

Modern spaces need modern interior designing.

Homies Design has been experienced with providing luxury condominium interior design services and transforming your condo space into your dream home, even within the small amount of space available.

Luxury Condominium Interior Design - What Do We Do?

Condominiums are often thought hard to be renovated because they usually lack space and do not have enough margins for much creativity for a good interior design. But our experts at Homies Design have mastered the art of providing the best condo interior design Singapore.

Our philosophy regarding interior design Singapore condo is that if you cannot increase the space, increase your creativity scope. We strive to provide every client with the dream home that they want.

Best Condo Interior Design Singapore - What Sets Us Apart?

The reason why we are able to provide desired results when it comes to living room condo interior design is due to our sound knowledge of the market. We do not rely on fixed vendors to shop at but we go above and beyond to sourcing for our clients with the best product that sits right in your condominium and serves the purpose that you want it to serve.

Singapore is a thriving economy and there is something for everybody in the market. We have deep-rooted links in the market that allow us to find such products that serve the purpose without killing the space.

Moreover, our experts are well-qualified to figure out solutions to problems rather than using the same formula everywhere. We have many techniques that a layperson cannot even think of. For example, if you think your living room condo interior design looks too clustered, we will paint its walls in light colors and use bright artificial lights in it which will give an optical illusion of it being spacious that it is. It will be backed by our special space management techniques that will actually allow you with more space to maneuver with.

Interior Design Singapore Condo - What Do We Offer?

Space management is the biggest challenge when it comes to luxury condominium interior design because condos are usually smaller than HDBs. They require extra caution while renovation.

Homies Design believes in dreaming big so we serve our clients with the best condo interior design Singapore without them having to cut short on their wants. Our carpentry team has worked on its furniture designs especially for condominiums and has come up with designs that provide double utility.

A typical example of this would be sofa-beds and beds with storage spaces under them to eliminate the need for multiple beds and cupboards. Moreover, we use special tables in interior design Singapore condo that can transform their shape to serve multiple purposes. They can be your side tables but can also be used for serving guests. Similarly, we have designs for 2-in-1 work desks/computer tables.

Besides that, our vast experience helps us to arrange your furniture in such a way that space is utilized in an optimum way, with enough room for you to move around.

Singapore has rules for interior design Singapore condo and they vary for every condominium. These rules are a must to comply with and are in the best interest of the residents but most are hard to understand by a layperson. If not understood properly, chances are high that one might overlap them while renovating and get in trouble because of it.

Homies Design has vast experience in providing the best condo interior design Singapore and prepares its design in compliance with general condominium renovation rules. But to be sure, our team will take all the details regarding the rules in your condominium and will make sure that they are complied with in every aspect to ensure your safety and to save you from any problem.

Your condominium is one of the place you would spend the most time in. It should represent your personality by all means.

At Homies Design, we offer a range of themes in our luxury condominium interior design for people of all tastes that they can pick from. The theme defines all the other aspects of the interior design ranging from wall paints to the style of furniture and type of lighting.

You can choose from our themes to make your condominium look modern, classy, artistic, upbeat, casual, vintage, or whatever suits your taste the best. We also offer custom themes to design different parts with different styles especially when it comes to living room condo interior design.

Resale Condos:

Our services are not limited to interior designing new condos only. We provide our interior designing services for resale condos as well and they are very effective to increase their resale value as well. Resale condos are a little more complicated to handle as they do not only involve new installations, they usually need modifications and repairs.

Before beginning with the interior designing, we bring your old condos back to level zero and sometimes modify them as per your needs so that you can get a good value of them in the market.

After that, we start with renovating on the same pattern of our interior designing for new condos the yield the best results and the most luxurious and spacious vibe and appearance.




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