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HDB Interior Design and Renovation

Homies Design offers solutions for HDB interior design and renovation in Singapore. Our team is committed to transforming your HDB unit into a visually captivating space.

Whether you are looking to fill a small gap in your wall or embark on a complete overhaul, we are prepared for it all. We have a reputation for delivering customised HDB interior design and renovation work at an affordable price range and within the stipulated timeframe.

Our HDB Interior Design and Renovation process

Step 1: We commence with an exchange of ideas, engaging in discussions to understand your expectations.
Step 2: We delve into quotations, layouts, and concepts.
Step 3: We explore suitable material options.
Step 4: We go through 3D renderings and make any final adjustments.
Step 5: We conduct a thorough site inspection.
Step 6: We ensure all requisite permits are obtained.
Step 7: We initiate the on-site work.
Step 8: We proudly hand over your dream home to you.

4-room Interior Design and Renovation

We understand that renovating your 4-room HDB requires meticulous planning and design. Whether it's a fresh HDB 4-room renovation or an HDB 4-room resale renovation, opting for functional and aesthetically appealing designs with open layouts is crucial to maximising space. We will transform your space with the use of colours, lighting, and materials.

5-room ID and Renovation

When undertaking HDB 5-room interior design and renovation, it's vital to consider your current lifestyle and future needs, all while maintaining a balance between aesthetics and practicality. We will ensure adequate storage, well-illuminated spaces, and cosy corners for relaxation. Combining your specifications, creativity, and functionality to create a space that is fully personalized for you.

Interior Design and Renovation of Resale HDB

Renovating your resale HDB flat is an exciting journey, from conceptualizing ideas to witnessing them materialize in your living space. Here is a breakdown of the entire process:

Design and Conceptualization: Begin your renovation journey by defining the theme or design concept you desire for your Resale HDB flat.

Identifying Priorities and Needs: Compile a list of your non-negotiables.

Seek Expert Insight: Consult us for guidance on resale HDB renovation and HDB interior design in Singapore.

Process Paperwork: Acquire the necessary permit from the Housing Development Board before any physical work begins.

Commence Renovation: Demolition, plumbing, electrical and tiling works, and carpentry, all leading up to the final handover.

Enhancing the Value of Resale HDB

Considering selling your HDB flat? Enhancing certain aspects can significantly boost its appeal and its value in the long run. Let Homies Design assist you in elevating the value of your Resale HDB.

Here is how we achieve that:

  • Well-Organised Kitchens: A meticulously organized kitchen can captivate future buyers.
  • Upgraded Bedrooms and Bathrooms: Enhancements to bedrooms and bathrooms elevate the overall aesthetic.
  • Strategic Storage Solutions: Incorporating built-in wardrobes, under-bed storage, and intelligent kitchen cabinets can substantially enhance your home's appeal.
1. HDB 4 Room Renovation:

4 room HDBs are probably the standard size of HDBs in Singapore as they are most common types of flats purchased because of their fair accommodation capacity. These flats are neither too small nor too large and have an ample margin for an effective HDB 4 room renovation.

But renovating a 4 room HDB does require strong expertise if you are looking to design your flat in a way that will be able to stand out among all other HDBs. Our goal while renovating your 4 room HDB is not just to make it stand out but also to transform it into the home that you have always dreamed of.

Our HDB 4 room renovation services give a new life to your monotonous HDB as we renovate from the scratch. You will the one in control and the one deciding the theme that you want to have in your HDB. We will take the back seat and help you achieve your dream home design.

The job of our HDB interior designer Singapore team is to facilitate you to make choices that you want. We will float ideas to guide you towards how we can together achieve the look and comfort that you want for your 4 room HDB.

2. HDB 5 Room Interior Design:

The most frequent job that we get to perform is to provide HDB 5 room interior design as they are a little bigger than standard HDBs and likewise have a great margin for creativity.

The extra space that provides opportunity for creativity, also becomes a challenge if a non-experience individuals try to experiment in an HDB 5 room interior design. The large space also meant that there will be more room for errors. It requires certain expertise to ensure a smooth transformation of this space into a feasible and livable space with enough utility, ample free area for movement, and optimum use of every nook and corner.

Moreover, one also needs to be a little extra cautious with the color scheme of a 5 room HDB as if used the wrong colors with the wrong lighting, the interior of your HDB can look awfully shrunk.

At Homies Design, our expert HDB interior designer Singapore keeps all of these points in mind and makes a plan with due consideration to all the technicalities. The goal is to enhance the flat’s appearance while ensuring the utility and availability of ample space for movement.

3. Singapore Resale Flat Renovation:

As mentioned earlier, HDB is the most popular Singapore and HDBs are not running out of demand for a long time. This demand has created a need for continuous up-gradation which leads to selling your currently owned flat.

But since BTOs are not easily purchasable along with the longer waiting time, there are more owners seeking for resale flats. Homies Design offers a perfect solution to this problem with its Singapore resale flat renovation service.

Singapore resale flat renovation service adds that extra value to your resale flat that makes your flat stand out among others by creating a certain modern and homely feel to it.

Our expert HDB interior designer Singapore pays special attention to areas that are worn out within the resale flat which would be covered unders our services for Singapore resale flat renovation. It can include changing the theme of the flat, enhancing its utility, changing lighting style to create a different feel, or simple carpentry work that can transform your resale flat from dull to modern classy from monotonous.

Moreover, they also keep your budget in consideration so that you can get your desired home desired within your budget range.

4. 4 Room Resale Interior Design Ideas:

Our professional HDB interior designer Singapore provides effective HDB 4 Room Resale Renovation interior design ideas that are sure to increase the value of any flat if executed right. We recommend that you contact Homies Design for HDB 4 Room Resale Renovation to acquire expert assistance. Below are some 4 room resale interior design ideas that will surely be of help to you when communicating your ideas to your interior designers.

HDB Interior Designer Singapore

1. Paint with Accents:

It is given that you should get a fresh coat of paint on your walls to add a fresh look to it. But painting your walls can also give your flat a monotonous look.

Another idea is to repaint your walls but do it with accents. Accents add highlights and low lights to your walls, creating a lively feel, and help to define the boundaries. But creating good accents again requires experience as you might not know which colors to pick and how to go about it. You can seek your interior designer’s expert advice in that aspect!

2. Natural Light:

Another tip is that you allow as much natural light to light up your flat as you can as it gives an open and fresh feel to space, contrary to increasing the numbers of artificial lights that require high-level skills to choose and can easily cause a strain on the eyes, you might also feel stressed and suffocated in your flat. Design your space in a way which allows room for natural light to come in.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It's always thrilling to start designing your new HDB 4-room renovation. It's always thrilling to start designing your new HDB 4-room renovation. Remodeling might be a fantastic option to update your decor! A new, eye-pleasing environment may boost one's mood and attitude toward life.

You need an HDB interior designer in Singapore to plan a house remodeling at the very first stage. Unless you have a background in interior design, you will likely need the assistance of a professional interior design firm to realize your makeover plans.

Interior design businesses usually have a dependable team of subcontractors they use for renovations. You can save time and get rid of the stress of finding a contractor. The designer will also manage the home improvement project on your behalf and keep you updated on the progress.

A 5-room HDB home is unquestionably costly to buy and remodel. Renovating an HDB 5-room interior design for resale might be more expensive. It might cost up to $30,000 more to renovate a resale apartment than build a new one.

In addition to the size of a 5-room apartment, many additional elements might affect the remodeling cost. This includes further demolition or repair work, which often accounts for a significant portion of the overall cost. It is also good to research and browse through portfolios of 4-room resale HDB interior design ideas on the internet.

An HDB renovation permit generally takes two weeks to approve. However, it might go quicker if no wall hacking or rearranging of toilets or sinks are involved. For a newly completed Singapore resale flat renovation, you have 3 months from the date of the HDB renovation permission to complete the upgrades. The HDB renovation permit will be valid for one month if your apartment is an older resale.

It's advisable to apply for an HDB renovation permit early rather than late. When applying for an HDB renovation permit, HDB will assign a renovation work period date.

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