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Office Renovation Singapore

Office Renovation Singapore

They say “First Impression is the most important”. When a client walks into your office, the first impression he has is not of your employees or your services. It is of the outlook of your office. Your office communicates to your clients if you are right for their requirements or not.

Enable your office to make a statement that sells your services and products by engaging Homies Design’s office renovation in Singapore.

Homies Design Office Renovation Singapore

Office renovation in Singapore might seem like a task as simple as making the environment look clean and tidy overall, but if you see from the perspective of our expert office renovation contractor in Singapore, it includes:

  1. Theme
  2. Design
  3. Color Scheme
  4. Lighting
  5. Space Management
  6. Furniture
  7. Utility
  8. Statement
  9. Comfort
  10. Impression

Homies Design considers all these points while doing your office renovation Singapore so that your office truly represents your business and establishes an identity to you that gives a reliable and credible impression of your products and services.

Commercial Renovation Singapore - How Do We Do It?

As soon as the project is finalized with our office renovation contractor in Singapore, they will ask you about your requirements, discuss your needs, visit the site and come up with suggestions and solutions that cater to you.

The process of commercial renovation in Singapore includes the following steps:

The theme of your office represents the soul of your premise. It represents what you do and how good you are at it. We will start with choosing a suitable theme for your business that is customized and creative as modern offices are moving away from the traditional office setups now.

The theme given to your office must represent what you do so you can pick any theme according to your business, such as:

  • Retro
  • Modern
  • Classic
  • Vintage
  • Creative

The list goes on until you find what truly represents your business.

After you pick your theme, our team will begin with designing your office according to it. The design will include a sketch and rough plan which will represent how we will go out the next steps such as your furniture, paints, and lighting.

The design will be subject to your approval and our team will only move ahead with it once you are satisfied with it.

The color scheme of your office gives you real ownership of your building. If your color theme does not represent your business, it is just another building where you have installed your setup.

To convert your building into your office, we will decide on a color scheme that matches your products. The colors can be inspired by your logos as well and will also match with the uniform of your staff if you have any. This is how we make your business into a true brand through our office renovation Singapore.

The color scheme will cover your walls, and your furniture, etc and we will use suitable contrasts and combinations for them.

Lighting decides the overall feel of your office. It provides a fine finishing to your theme and completes it.

The lighting of your office is decided according to your theme. Another factor that plays a part in it is the color scheme because the lighting has to compliment the color scheme otherwise it will kill the overall feel.

We will also consider your space management and utility before making a final call regarding lighting in our commercial renovation in Singapore.

This is probably the most crucial task that our office renovation contractor in Singapore performs. Managing space requires special expertise for best results and our experts ensure that your space is managed in an optimum way.

Mostly, offices either stuff their space or leave it too empty and sometimes they do both; stuff one side and leave the other empty. It creates a very disorganized feel and creates a poor impression.

We focus on how your things should be placed so that your office looks organized, has ample space yet has the right number of things placed at the right spots. We ensure that your office is neither stuffed nor empty.

The furniture in your office defines how your staff and your clients will feel while they are in the building. The furniture has to compliment the overall theme and support the color scheme as well.

Besides looks, the furniture has to be placed on the right spots otherwise it will become a hurdle in the productivity of your business.

Effective space management and right-colored furniture are useless if the utility of your office is compromised.

The goal of our commercial renovation Singapore is never to create a design that is pretty to look at but one that is not practical. We pay due consideration to the point that space is managed as the furniture is placed in such a way that allows maximum productivity of the staff. We ensure that everything is easily accessible and things that work together are placed close to each other, not only according to where they fit the best.

Today, businesses are just one wring statement away from getting globally canceled. It is crucial to be politically correct in this age and be aware of what your business states.

For this reason, it is important to craft your business’s statement and positive impression and that’s what our office renovation contractor Singapore focuses on during your office renovation Singapore.

In the last phases, they work on those subtle elements that constitute a sun-conscious statement. It can include putting indoor plants on walls or having a neon sign on your wall that shows your business is an equal opportunity provider.

At Homies Design, we work together as a close knitted team and our office is the second home to our employees. For this reason, we have paid special attention to the comfort factor of our office and we believe that this is what every other business wishes to do.

As our renovation completes, we ensure that our choice of furniture and lights and space management and utility is making your office as comfortable as possible and welcomes your staff as well as your clients.

Office Renovation Contractor Singapore - Managing your Office’s Impression
In the end, we make sure that your office gives the impression as what we have planned for it. It is gauged by bringing all the elements together and ensuring that the renovation went as planned and you are satisfied with our efforts.

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As an experienced commercial renovation contractor specializing in providing top notch office renovation services, we have extensive experience in turn-key projects and project management having worked with many satisfied corporate clients. Furthermore, we are a member of BCA registered contractor, licensed to carry out professional electrical (L.E.W) and plumbing (L.W.S.P) works. With us, you can relax knowing your office renovation needs are in good hands.

Project the Right Image to your Client

In Singapore, your office makeover need not be too extensive. It is however essential because a professional office workplace can create a good first impression with your potential client. This can make a huge difference between landing that lucrative contract, getting a deal with better margin or losing it entirely to your competitors.

Professional Interior Decoration and Design Consultation

At Office Renovation Singapore, we are the experts in office interior design. As we take great pride in each project we undertake, all our creative designs and 3D drawings we produce are always done only after careful thought, taking into consideration of your unique business needs and work flow. That’s why our designs are always practical, functional and most importantly, aesthetically pleasing. But don’t take our word for it, instead do give us a call at +65 6909 2058

Creating the most overwhelming office renovation solutions

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