Commercial Interior Design Singapore

Commercial Interior Design Singapore

Being able to find a commercial property at the most beautiful and convenient location might not be within your control but designing it in a way that it looks the most beautiful and provides you with the most comfort is something under your control. All that you need to do for that is to contact Homies Design and enquire about their Commercial Office Interior Design in Singapore.

Your office is not just another space. It is a place where you operate your business, where your clients visit you for your products and services, and where your staff works hard to provide them. We make sure that your office represents your business and gives a feeling that you are the right choice for their needs while ensuring that your staff and customer feels comfortable there through our commercial interior design Singapore.

Office Interior Design Singapore - How Do We Do It?

Making your building pleasant-looking while ensuring it is comfortable and also represents your business seems like a task for a magician to a layperson. We cannot provide you with magicians but at Homies Design, we have mastered the art of office interior design in Singapore to the extent that it will be hard for you to tell if it is the work of an interior designer or the magic of a magician.
Let us share our secret with you.

Commercial Interior Design Singapore - Our Secret Magic Spell:

The secret magic spell that we use is our approach towards interior design. Contrary to those whose only focus is to make the space look good, we begin with our focus on optimum utilization of the space.

You will get used to the interior design eventually but you will never be able to get around the fact that how good of a decision you made by choosing us for your commercial office interior design.

We are known for our impressive designs as much as we are known for our utility. The utility serves as the basic structure and provides us the outline around which we work. Beauty is provided by all the colors we fill in into that sketch with furniture, paint, lights, and other artworks.

Commercial Office Interior Design Singapore - Our Process:

The best commercial interior design Singapore comes at a cost of a long process that includes continuous brainstorming and bouncing of creative ideas.

Homies Design does not replicate any of its previously existing interior designs. We might take inspiration to recreate it if you like a design from our portfolio we ensure that each of our designs is original, exclusive, and custom-made for each of our clients.

For this, we begin with creating an account for our client which contains details of their business, their requirements and needs, the philosophy and inspirations behind their business, their motivations for running their business, and their budget.

These details serve as the anchor of our office interior design Singapore which is next to beginning.

Next, our expert team of interior designers sits down and starts brainstorming on how to cater to you the best. It includes a detailed analysis of your business, your needs and requirements, and your competitors as we want to make you stand out among all of them.

As per the needs, we start streamlining each and every aspect of our interior design as in what design we will create, what colors will be used, and what style should the furniture be.

After we have a plan for you, our team will get in touch with you and present you with our ideas regarding the interior design of your office. It will create a detailed brief of every aspect, with visual details so that you can make an informed decision.

Our team will take your feedback and will reassess the plan as per the need by understanding your requirements better. We will keep working on the plan until we get around exactly what you need. It usually does not get to more than one session as our team is equipped to get it all right in the first attempt.

Once we have the right design plan for you, we will seek your approval and will move on to our next step.

After your approval, our team will visit the site it has to do commercial office interior design Singapore for. They will assess the accuracy of the plan for your place for the last time and will make any changes if deemed necessary.

This step includes improvements in the design in real-time along with suggestions to you for the best utilization and designing of your space.

We like to think before we leap so before we move towards the execution of our plan regarding your commercial interior design Singapore, we make an execution plan regarding how the interior design can be done most efficiently so that it consumes the least time and budget.

We also check for any potential problems such as a crack in a wall so that it can be fixed before we move forward with our plan. This step allows us to make an effective schedule and a budget for your interior design so that you can get the exact details of everything.

Our office interior design Singapore is the smoothest and the most streamlined process because of the additional steps we follow in our prep.

We take execution step-by-step so that the final product remains sophisticated. The walls and ceilings will be painted with appropriate colors, in the right tones, and with the right contrast.

We will be able to help provide a one-stop services by purchasing all the accessories for your office including furniture, lights, decoration pieces, etc. We will ensure that they are of the best quality but bought in an affordable range and match with the paint to give the impression of different parts of one unit.

We will manage your space in an optimum way, making the right arrangements and placements for your furniture so that everything that works together is accessible from any single point. We will ensure that the lighting complements your settings and adds to the mood and feel of your office.

Similarly, our interior designing services will leave you with ample space as well so that your office is not stuffed and but has enough objects in place that are useful as well as creative.

In the end, we will clean up your space and leave you with an office as we showed in the visuals of our presentation while taking your approval.

Frequently Asked Questions

It's not every day that a corporation decides to expand or create a new commercial office. Thus, it is important to have the experience to undertake commercial office interior design in Singapore. The employees' well-being and productivity are determined by the building's exterior and interior design.

When it comes to commercial interior design, a company's overall prosperity is the ultimate goal. A competent business interior designer may assist in creating a stylish and professional ambiance in a commercial space by designing its interiors.

Designing an interior space that is both useful and safe requires the expertise of a commercial interior designer. A commercial interior designer frequently has close contact with contractors, and manufacturers to ensure that their clients receive the best outcomes with the least amount of delay.

When it comes to the success of a business, commercial interior design cannot be underestimated. To help a firm succeed, it's critical to design commercial spaces with utility, aesthetics, and functionality in mind.

Comparatively speaking, the primary objective of a residential interior designer is to create a home's aesthetic appeal. In contrast, a commercial interior designer is more concerned with increasing the usefulness of the space and earning a profit.

Commercial interior design in Singapore should be meticulous to every detail. A strong sense of originality comes at the top of the list. To succeed as an interior designer, one must focus on the client’s needs and achieve the desired results within the allocated budget to turn the client’s ideas into reality.

Interior designer project ranges widely. Interior designers' prices and services may vary widely, so consult a few firms before you choose a suitable one. Interior designers use various methods for their charges, including hourly and flat rates. A portion of the entire cost may be charged by some, while others factor in the scope of the job.

Hiring an office interior designer in Singapore is also influenced by the aesthetic you want to achieve.

Charging per hour for the designer's time is the most frequent way. Especially for smaller organizations or designers who work on their projects, depending on your project's average number of hours.



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